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What to Expect:

Initial Consultation:

ie page imgPrior to treatment with ketamine infusion therapy you will be required to schedule an office consultation with Dr. Culver. You will need to complete certain health history forms and general information forms. Dr. Culver may wish to review records from your treating psychologist, psychiatrist, primary care physician, or cardiologist. Dr. Culver will review your history and perform a brief physical examination and determine if you are, in fact, an appropriate candidate for treatment with IV ketamine therapy. Certain medications, such as MAO inhibitors and certain medical conditions such as unstable angina, schizophrenia, and uncontrolled high blood pressure are contraindications for treatment with ketamine medicine. If you are felt to be an appropriate candidate, then the entire process of IV ketamine therapy will be reviewed with you and appointments for ketamine treatment will be scheduled.

Treatment Dates:

You must bring a driver for each ketamine infusion date as you must not drive for twelve hours after each ketamine infusion. For all treatment dates please dress in comfortable, loose fitting clothing. You may be able to remain fully dressed, although in some cases you may be asked to undress from the waist up and put on a medical gown. Feel free to bring in any items that might aid in your comfort such as a comfortable pillow, a jacket or sweater, or blanket. Some patients may wish to wear sunglasses or an eye mask while receiving the IV ketamine infusion to block out light. It is permissible to listen to soft, soothing, instrumental music and you may bring your own music and headphones if you wish. Most patients prefer complete quiet and the less visual and auditory stimulation the better.

On the first ketamine infusion therapy date an IV will be started in your hand or arm, or in some cases the leg. At the end of the infusion the IV can be removed. If you wish, it is sometimes possible to keep the IV in place for the next treatment so that an IV may not need to be started at each visit. During each infusion, monitors will be applied that will monitor your heart, your blood oxygen levels by pulse oximetry, and your blood pressure.

When the IV ketamine infusion is started you will quite rapidly begin to feel the effects because the medication is given directly into the blood stream. Most people describe this as a “drugged feeling”. It may be difficult to fully concentrate or express your thoughts coherently. You will not be unconscious as you will be receiving relatively low dosages of ketamine medicine, referred to as subanesthetic dosages. Please just lie back and relax during the ketamine infusion therapy. It is expected that your heart rate and blood pressure may increase moderately, especially during the first couple of ketamine treatments. If needed, the infusion rate may be decreased or even interrupted. Typically the ketamine infusion is given over about forty minutes. When the ketamine infusion is completed the effects generally wear off in ten to twenty minutes. When you feel the effects have resolved to the point that your thoughts are coherent and the “drugged sensation” has worn off, your blood pressure and heart rate typically return to normal baseline. At that point you may leave, accompanied by a responsible adult. You must not drive for twelve hours after the ketamine therapy infusion.


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"Recent data suggest that ketamine, given intravenously, might be the most important breakthrough in antidepressant treatment in decades."
Thomas Insel, Director, National Institute of Mental Health

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